agile skills are not only a central future competence for our 3.500 start-ups

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting are important basic skills in an agile working environment that we have been promoting in our programs for many years. In many cases, founding a company - as a way of building up a livelihood and working independently - is an interesting alternative to a dependent employment relationship or to unemployment.

With a multi-professional team of consultants, we support founders, one-person companies, new self-employed and freelance workers in realizing their plans.

Our offer

Depending on the phase of self-employment, the support focuses on:

  • Advice on the development of a viable business model as preparation for setting up a business
  • Financing coaching and microcredit advice
  • Strengthening entrepreneurial skills through practical workshops and advice
  • Strengthening networking and collaboration through coworking
  • Strengthening of digital skills through digital web platform

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Mag. Lukas Sommer
E: lukas.sommer@oesb.at



As part of the BC4U project, people looking for work in Tyrol receive a basic economic qualification. The aim is to prepare the participants well for the demands of the working world through job-related training.

Our offer

  • Business qualification
  • Accounting basics
  • Payroll basics
  • Basics of controlling & project controlling
  • Project management
  • Individual qualification
  • Two-month internship

target group

  • People with a high school diploma, university degree or dropouts (except HAK graduates and graduates of business studies)
  • IT user knowledge

Mag. Michael Goller
E: michael.goller@oesb.at


Der Mikrokredit

The project "Der Mikrokredit" enables founders to take the step into self-employment and existing companies the ongoing financing of the company. The specialty: even if there is a lack of equity and collateral.

In 2012 the project received the Constantinus Award in the “Personnel and Training” category. By the end of December 2020, over 840 loans had already been applied for.

Our offer

  • Advising future founders and self-employed people on the development of a business plan with the help of a digital business plan including digital loan application
  • Free support during the application phase & also after the loan has been granted
  • Coordination of the partners involved
  • Public Relations

“The microcredit” is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs is from ÖSB Consulting together with the First bank and savings bank and the Austria Senior Expert Pool (ASEP).carried out.

target group

Unemployed people can take part, threatened by unemployment, People at risk of poverty or disadvantaged in the labor market, but also those who are already self-employed (after prior clarification).


Mag. Lukas Sommer
E: lukas.summer@oesb.at

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Start-Up Services

The Start-Up Services, an initiative of the Vienna Business Agency, include start-up coaching in a variety of languages. We also offer multilingual start-up workshops for prospective founders and young entrepreneurs.

Our offer

  • Start-up coaching and workshops in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, English, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, Arabic and Farsi
  • Compact workshops on bookkeeping, business accounting and financing in Turkish, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian

Evgeniya Chulis  
E: evgeniya.chulis@oesb.at

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step2Business, as a counseling and support facility for persons entitled to asylum and subsidiary protection, aims to inform the participants about specific conditions and requirements associated with self-employment in Austria.

Our offer

You can find out more about the offer here.

The project is a cooperation of ÖSB Consulting and itworks Personalservice (promoter).


Mag. Lukas Sommer
E: lukas.summer@oesb.at

Vienna, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Carinthia & Tyrol

Unternehmensgründungsprogramm (UGP)

The business start-up program (UGP) supports unemployed people with targeted advice on their way to self-employment.

Our offer

In the 1. step (Clarification phase) the business idea is checked for its feasibility. in the 2. step the preparation for the foundation follows, this phase lasts a maximum of six months. When self-employed work begins, the implementation phase begins (3. step), followed by free follow-up care (4. step). 

The UGP Vienna is managed on behalf of the AMS by ÖSB Consulting in cooperation with bit management Beratung GmbH. carried out.

The UGP Carinthia, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol is on behalf of the AMS by ÖSB Consulting carried out. 

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