Sustainability & Climate Consulting

Sustainability & Climate Consulting

Use sustainable development opportunities and drive transformation

The challenges facing our society have changed in recent years. Above all, climate change and the associated process of change play an important role.

Our new Sustainability & Climate Consulting business area focuses in particular on ecological sustainability and supports companies and public institutions in achieving current climate and environmental goals. One focus is on the resource-efficient circular economy, which makes a significant contribution to achieving these goals and also offers great economic development opportunities.

We see our task in supporting companies in the associated changes to business and sales models and support internal process changes by taking the circular economy into account. In addition to the ecological consideration, the economic benefit for the company also plays an important role.

Target group:
Companies and public institutions that want to contribute to stopping climate change


Mag.a Eva Maria Kassl, MBA
Head of the Sustainability & Climate Consulting business unit

Upper Austria


An offer to maintain the employability of employees and to ensure the efficiency of companies. Due to falling birth rates, the proportion of older people in the total population is increasing. This means longer employment and a larger number of older employees. Targeted measures to cope with working life now and in the future are therefore becoming increasingly important.

Our offer

With the instrument "work management coaching" the following essential topics are addressed:

  • Individual health
  • Skills and professional development
  • Values ​​and motivation
  • working conditions

Work management coaching is a free advisory service for small and medium-sized businesses that is offered in Upper Austria by the working group Mentor, BBRZ and ÖSB Consulting is carried out.

target group

Companies and employees in Upper Austria


Susanne Harfmann-Wall

Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg & Vienna

Demografieberatung für Beschäftigte + Betriebe

Demografieberatung is a free advice program for companies. We support companies in coping with demographic challenges and the design of life-phase-oriented working environments.

Our offer

The demographic change in Austria is essentially characterized by two developments: an increase in the population and a shift in the age structure in favor of older age segments. Demography advice supports Austrian companies in coping with these challenges.

Consulting topics:

  • Establishing a structured, cross-generational knowledge transfer
  • Accompanying an orderly succession planning
  • Design of life-phase-oriented working environments

Advice is given individually and tailored to each company. With a team of more than 100 consultants, we offer everything from a single source: location determination and industry comparison, in-depth analyzes, development of measures and support in their implementation. In addition, regional events serve as a networking forum.

More than 1.500 companies have already used the demographic advice service for employees + companies since May 2017.

target group

Demografieberatung is aimed at all Austrian companies (with the exception of Burgenland), regardless of the industry and size.

This measure is financed by the European Social Fund and the Federal Ministry for Labor, Family and Youth.