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Successful companies are competent employers for efficient, highly motivated teams

In the next few years, those employers will be successful if they are able to acquire, develop and develop talents, skills and workers. We call this integration competence and consider this to be the key competitive advantage in the race for the best specialists.

Work and the economy are currently undergoing a major transformation, driven by digitization, globalization and influenced by climate and demographic change. As consultants, we strengthen companies in their employer competence. Our consultants collect the questions and goals of the companies, analyze the current situation on the basis of data, facts and comparisons. Together with executives, HR managers and works councils in companies, we develop suitable and practical HR solutions.

Our offer

  • Learning, qualification, competency models and in-company training
  • Teaching, trainee and mentoring programs
  • Company networks, learning partnerships, supraregional mediation, company events
  • Compatibility of work, family and private life
  • EqualPay: Fair and transparent remuneration systems
  • Gender equality, women's careers, women and men in non-traditional professions
  • Employer branding, effective recruiting, new media recruiting, onboarding processes
  • HR data analytics, employee surveys, company surveys


Mag.a Susanna Kuncic
Head of the Management Consulting

Upper Austria

Equal Pay

The Equal Pay advisory program stands for a culture of thought and transparency in business. The aim is to make income differences in the company visible and to position the issue of equality as a labor market and company necessity.

The lively exchange in social media about employers and working conditions leads to companies becoming “transparent”.

Since the amendment to the Equal Treatment Act, companies have also been legally obliged to present their salaries transparently in-house in the form of an income report and to derive measures from this that sustainably reduce and avoid gender discrimination.

Our offer

The heart of the advice is the equal pay report, which shows (even hidden) differences in income, questioning them in the course of the advice and deriving company-specific measures.     

The Equal Pay pilot project was implemented from 2017 to 2019. The follow-up project “100% equality pays off” will be available to Austrian companies from mid-2020 to 2023 for questions about careers and income.

target group

Companies that

  • see a need for advice on the topics of income transparency and gender-equitable pay,
  • find young talents and want to retain them in their company and / or
  • want to optimize existing processes in personnel management.

Equal Pay was made by ÖSB Consulting in cooperation with Deloitte Human Capital and BAB carried out.

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Mag.a Susanna Kuncic

Head of Management Consulting Programs



Bettina Taranetz, MA, MBA

Media, public relations & project organization esf pilot projects equality




With the ESF project FairPlusService, we support the higher qualification and professional development of women in low-wage industries. We offer companies and employees from sectors such as trade, tourism or cleaning free advice on the topics of training and further education, integration, personnel development and the advancement of women as well as perspective and career planning.

Our offer

Our offer was developed for companies that have a high proportion of low-wage employees and / or (formally) low-skilled employees within four regional clusters in Austria. Together with company management, HR managers and employees, further training strategies are developed that make the individual potential of the employed women visible and promote them.

By encouraging further training and higher qualifications, appreciation and learning from one another, we contribute to equality between women and men with FairPlusService.

FairPlusService is financed by the European Social Fund from the gender equality investment priority and by the Federal Ministry of Labor.


The aim of FairPlusService is empowerment: employers strengthen their skills, value and use the potential of their employees, and create framework conditions for the careers and further training of the women employed.

FairPlusService will run from 2020-2023 ÖSB Consulting in cooperation with our project partners ABZ * AUSTRIA and ÖSB Studien & Beratung. implemented.

Financed by

contact us Bettina Behr
FairPlusService project management

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Impulsberatung für Betriebe

At IBB, companies get the chance to work on relevant HR issues and challenges of the company with the help of a competent team of consultants and to set impulses for the future.

Our offer

  • Implementation of an impulse check: professional assessment of the current situation and an overview of possible support offers in the form of AMS subsidies, identified impulse topics or specific measures
  • Measures of in-depth impulse-topic advice on six focal points:
    1. Securing jobs in the event of fluctuations in capacity
    2. Retain and attract staff
    3. in-company training
    4. age-appropriate work
    5. Equal opportunities between women and men
    6. Design of corporate diversity and integration of target groups in terms of labor market policy

    Impulsberatung on-demand , the program is currently going one step further: Companies are receiving support in mastering very special challenges such as the crisis triggered by COVID-19.

    Impulsberatung für Betriebe is a free advice service that is offered throughout Austria by the working group ÖSB Consulting (Lead Partner) and Deloitte together with the subcontractors BAB Unternehmensberatung, Merlin and Ximes.

    Carinthia & Upper Austria


    Digitalization, climate goals and a shortage of skilled workers pose major changes and challenges for companies and executives in Austria. Exchange, learning and further training in association with other companies is easier and more enjoyable, but also more cost-effective than alone. Qualification increases the potential of your employees and keeps your teams fit and motivated.

    What is an IQV?

    An IQV is a network of several companies with the aim of jointly organizing and purchasing promising qualifications for employees. The AMS supports this with 100% subsidized advice on network development and common platform activities as well as attractive additional payments to the training costs for certain target groups who are disadvantaged on the labor market.

    ÖSB Consulting was commissioned by the AMS to provide advice and coordination in three Austrian federal states: Vienna, Carinthia and Upper Austria. The qualification network also turned out to be an export hit. Internationally, regional IQVs in Bavaria, Bulgaria and Romania were accompanied. There are currently around 600 companies in ongoing qualification associations ÖSB Consulting implemented. Benefit annually to the 5.000 employees of approx. 1.000 further training measures.

    Our offer

    • Development and support of corporate networks, information and communication hub
    • Elaboration of a personnel development concept and education plan with each association member
    • Organization of platform activities and events on current and interesting topics
    • Networking with the AMS and support in funding processing
    • Finding and selection support of suitable and tailor-made training offers
    • Support with training organization and participant management
    • Inexpensive training purchases in the network

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    Mag.a Barbara Blossel

    Upper Austria

    Mag.a Beatrix Weinger

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