Youth, Education & Health

New bridges to training and work for young people

The training path with different opportunities presents young people with new challenges today: Where are my skills and strengths? Should I continue to go to school or do an apprenticeship? What training and careers are actually available? And what knowledge and skills are needed in the world of work? The project Jugendcoaching can support young people with these questions and other concerns about school and work as well as personal issues.

When young people decide to take up an apprenticeship, they face further challenges in the modern working world: What can I expect from an apprenticeship training course (final apprenticeship examination)? How do I find my way around the company? Where can I get help with problems at vocational school? The project Teaching instead of teaching supports all apprentices in a regular apprenticeship throughout the entire apprenticeship period as well as in the first 6 months after early or regular termination. We also support training companies with an approval notice and those who want to become one.

The project group Youth, Education & Health deals with current issues among young people relating to school, training, the world of work, personal concerns and mental health. It is important to support and accompany the young people on their journey in the best possible way using different coaching and consulting methods.


Mag.a Matea Simunko
Head of youth projects SMS & Innovation and Advice Youth, Education & Health

Carinthia, Styria & Vienna


Jugendcoaching supports young people at risk of exclusion and / or dropping out of school from the end of compulsory schooling to sustainable integration into a further education system. The Jugendocaching also offers assistance in fulfilling the training obligation. The youth coaches (e.g. AMS, work assistants, etc.) accompany you when you are looking for an apprenticeship or when you start your career directly by handing it over to the responsible bodies.
Jugendcoaching is a low-threshold support offer. The first contact can take place directly at the school location or at the advice center. The level of supervision is adapted to the individual needs of the young people.

Our offer

Jugendcoaching offers young people who need support during the transition from school to work or further education, individual advice and support. The support offered by Jugendcoaching is divided into 3 phases:

  • Level 1: general information on Jugendcoaching and an initial consultation of 3 to 5 hours of performance. The parents can be included in the “basic counseling”.
  • Level 2: Advice according to the case management approach, advice period of max. 6 months
  • Level 3: Support in terms of case management; individual support over a period of max. 1 year

After completion, both follow-up care and re-entry are possible within the age limits. After the Jugendocaching, it is possible to take advantage of support from the (youth) job assistance, which supports the young people in their search for an apprenticeship or job.

target groups Carinthia

Students of the AHS, BHS and BMS from the individual 9th ​​year of school attendance up to their 21st birthday or up to their 25th birthday, if certain evidence (e.g. disability, special educational needs) is available.

target groups Styria

Young people from the 9th year of school attendance and out-of-school young people up to the age of 19, young people with a disability or special educational needs up to the age of 25 and young people who are subject to compulsory training.

target groups Vienna

  • Students of the BMS and BHS from the individual 9th ​​year of school attendance up to their 21st or 25th birthday, if certain evidence (e.g. special educational needs or disability) is available.
  • Young people between 14 and 19 years of age who are at risk of being excluded from the system and who have dropped out of vocational middle or vocational secondary school immediately before.

NEBA is an initiative of the Ministry of Social Affairs.


Just for us

With the Just Transition Fund (JTF), the European Union (EU) has set itself the goal of supporting and promoting sustainable structural change towards climate neutrality in regions that are most affected by the transition to a climate-neutral economy. The state of Carinthia therefore has corresponding ones Support measures for the transition to a CO2-neutral economy developed in the districts of Völkermarkt, Wolfsberg, St. Veit, Feldkirchen and Villach Land: The state of Carinthia's qualification and advice funding as part of the Just Transition Fund (JTF).

The structural change towards climate-friendly companies and technologies is becoming increasingly noticeable. The resulting changed competence and qualification requirements have a significant impact on the labor and education markets. This means that new professions and new training paths are constantly emerging.

The Just for Us advice focuses on schools, students and teachers who are confronted with the challenges of structural changes in the transition to a climate-neutral economy. The advice supports schools and teachers in (re)aligning with regard to climate neutrality and changing qualification requirements. Furthermore, students are also supported in career orientation and in developing a comprehensive understanding of green jobs and MINT skills.

Our offer

Advice for schools, teachers and students

Target groups

Schools (AHS, BHS, BMS), students (11th to 13th grade) and teachers in the districts of Völkermarkt, Wolfsberg, St. Veit, Feldkirchen and Villach Land


Mag. (FH) Gerald Dobernig
Head of Just for Us
T: +43 664 60177 3180

Further information

Burgenland, Carinthia & Lower Austria

Teaching instead of emptiness

The transition from school to the world of work is a major challenge for many young people. Teaching instead of Emptiness therefore supports apprentices and training companies in all topics related to teaching. In coaching, trainers and apprentices receive individual advice and support.

Our offer

  • Coaching for apprentices - with the aim of offering help for self-help, improving the current situation and strengthening the apprentices.
  • Coaching for training companies – Individual advice and support for upcoming challenges in ongoing training, development and support as well as in the selection and integration of apprentices.

The coaching sessions are free, confidential and are offered throughout Austria.

Target groups

Apprentices and training companies in Burgenland, Carinthia and Lower Austria.

Teaching instead of emptiness is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Labor.

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