innovation and advice

With innovative labor market policy against in-work poverty

As the market leader in the field of innovative labor market policy ÖSB Consulting on the development of target group-specific pilot and innovation projects. The focus of the working poor has emerged in recent years.

Since 2015 ÖSB Consulting Successfully piloted numerous consulting and qualification projects with the aim of sustainably improving the work and income opportunities of women and men. This enabled us to build up extensive expertise for the target group “poor despite work”, gain experience with particularly low-threshold access and promote target group-relevant networking.

Target group
People affected by in-work poverty

Mag.a Susanne Zurl-Meyer
Management of the business field youth projects SMS & Innovation and consulting


#we_do - Frauen nutzen ihre Chance

#we_do - women seize their chance is a women's advice project funded by the ESF and the state of Styria. The project supports women with low incomes to improve their job and income opportunities.

Our offer

  • Free consulting call
  • Individual coaching
  • Educational counseling
  • Advice on further education funding from the State of Styria

target group

Women over 18 who ...
... are employed (including marginal and atypical employment).
... have a place of residence in the regions of Upper Styria West, East Styria, South East Styria and Graz.
... are at risk of or affected by poverty despite having a job.
... would like to improve their income situation by participating in the #we_do project.

This measure is financed by the European Social Fund and the state of Styria.


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Grazer Fonds für Aufstieg und Entwicklung

The “Grazer Fonds für Aufstieg und Entwicklung” initiative offers working Grazers between 18 and 64 years of age with a low household income the opportunity to receive individual qualification funding of up to 2.500 euros per person for professional training.

The initiative, which is financed by the Social Welfare Office of the City of Graz, Department of Labor and Employment, and implemented by ÖBS Consulting GmbH, aims to improve the opportunities on the job market for those affected and thereby ease their financial situation.

Our offer

  • Free application and qualification advice
  • Supervision in making use of the funding
  • Networking point between educational institutions and funding recipients
  • Processing of funding management
  • Informing the public through appropriate measures

Target group

People between 18 and 64 years of age who ...
... are self-employed or gainfully employed,
... have lived in Graz for at least 12 months and
... have a low household income

This measure is financed by the social welfare office of the city of Graz, department work and employment.


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