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The right tools to become an attractive employer for female apprentices

Currently, many SMEs in industries with a shortage of skilled workers or apprentices are making far too little use of the potential of female apprentices. The proportion of women is often less than 30%. As part of the frau_kann program, we not only offer companies information on funding opportunities, but also support with recruiting and onboarding to make it easier for female apprentices to join the company. We also help young women in Upper Austria and Tyrol who want to become skilled workers after school (or Matura).

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1. Information

In the first chapter of our toolbox you will find all information on the topic of funding.
More information can be found in the Introduction.

1.1. Funding for training companies
Information sheet about possible subsidies for training companies

1.2. Funding for apprentices

Information sheet about grants that can be used by apprentices

1.3. Further contact points

Information sheet on contact points on the subject of funding

2. Employer attractiveness & apprentice recruiting

In the 2nd chapter of our toolbox you will find all information on the topic of employer attractiveness and apprentice recruiting.
More information can be found in the Introduction.

2.1. External channels
Information sheet about external channels and events that can increase the attractiveness of the employer

2.2. Internal events
Information sheet about possible internal events

2.3. Apprentice-specific personnel marketing

Information sheet with tips on ways to present yourself as an attractive employer

2.3.1. Social media & website

Information sheet on online marketing measures such as social media and a website with best practice examples

2.3.2. Offline marketing measures

Information sheet on marketing measures such as giveaways, advertisements or construction fence foils

2.3.3. seal of approval

Information sheet on relevant seals of approval for training companies

3. Girls in the world of work

In this chapter you will learn everything that is needed for the active integration of girls in teaching.
More information can be found in the Introduction.

3.1. Welcome culture for girls

Information sheet on establishing a welcoming culture for girls

3.1.1. Awareness workshop for employees

Worksheet with workshop instructions and materials

Moderation Guide "Global Playing"

Rules sheets "Global Playing"

Reflection guide "Global Playing"

Flipchart "Reflecting on my apprenticeship"

Flipchart "Paradoxical Interventions"

Flipchart "Welcome culture for girls"

3.1.2. Awareness workshop for managers

Worksheet with workshop instructions and materials

Flipchart "Men are from Mars, women from Venus"

Flipchart "Fears / Expectations of Girls / Employees"

"Leadership Skills" flipchart

3.1.3. Legal regulations

Information sheet on legal regulations for girls in training companies

3.1.4. Sexual harassment in the workplace

Information sheet on raising awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace

3.2. Gender-appropriate language

Information sheet on gender-sensitive language

3.3. Anchors & mentors

Information sheet about the importance of anchors & mentors

3.4. Parental work

Information sheet about the possibilities of parental work

4. Educational concepts

In the last chapter of our toolbox you will find educational concepts with a lot of information on documentation, workshops and coaching. For more information, see the Introduction.

4.1. documentation

4.1.1. Training guide

4.1.2. onboarding

4.1.3. Training folder

4.2. Workshops

4.2.1. How does Generation Z tick?

4.2.2. Team building
Instructions "Teams in a triangle"

4.2.3. Improvement of the quality of training

Instructions "5-S method"
Instructions "Metal suitcase untidy
Instructions "metal case tidy"

4.2.4. Motivation & communication

Communication game "misunderstanding"

4.3. coaching

4.3.1. Feedback talks
Instructions for feedback talks

4.3.2. Dealing with girls

4.3.3. Role model anchor person
Role model canvas

4.3.4. Strengthening & promoting female apprentices

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