Employer Consulting & Inclusion

Successful companies are competent employers for efficient, highly motivated teams

Competent employers are successful companies: A simple formula with a big impact. “Our economy is running out of skilled workers and workers” is often heard. Global upheavals bring additional risks to the labor market, but also offer opportunities for fit employers in Austria. In the future, those companies and employers who manage to leverage the available labor market potential of people of different origins, different ages and all genders will be successful. Competent employers develop their company into an attractive place for individual growth, careers and learning for their committed employees.

On behalf of the AMS and other public clients, our consultants strengthen the employer fitness of Austrian companies, primarily SMEs. Our consultants analyze the initial situation, questions and future topics. The efficient use of fact-based quantitative methods and culture-representing qualitative methods leads to functioning solutions for employees, companies and the labor market.

Inspiration and offers for companies

Networking: In qualification associations, employers train their employees in joint training courses. In cooperation with training and further education providers and with the AMS, joint competence clusters are created in regions, sectors and along supply chains

HR data analytics for fact-based advice and as a basis for target group-specific HR measures: workforce structure analysis by age, gender, function, qualification, length of service and position, qualification, fluctuation and development of benchmarking methods

Employer Branding: Systematic analysis and design of the employer promise and communication - target group-specific, forward-looking, competent and attractive

Recruitment and Onboarding: Targeted addressing of future employees, effective cooperation with labor market actors and service providers, sustainable recruiting, selection processes and integrative entry phases

Fair working conditions: Fair, transparent, stable and flexible structuring of time, place, income, work content and environment as well as appreciative, non-discriminatory cooperation of all employee groups in the company

Career and Learning: Personnel development in line with company goals and future topics such as B. Digitization and climate protection, competence matrix, qualification, training, strategic, operational and efficient use of funding

Employee empowerment: Career coaching for employees to take control of their professional and learning careers, as well as operational case management to remove obstacles to learning and careers that arise from the life situation

Inclusion: equality and diversity management – Development of a practical, suitable strategy and action plan to expand the target group of applicants and employees, as well as strengthening cooperative and productive cooperation in teams of diverse gender, age and origin


Mag.a Susanna Kuncic
Head of Employer Consulting & Inclusion
E: susanna.kuncic@oesb.at

Carinthia & Upper Austria


Digitalization, climate goals and a shortage of skilled workers pose major changes and challenges for companies and executives in Austria. Exchange, learning and further training in association with other companies is easier and more enjoyable, but also more cost-effective than alone. Qualification increases the potential of your employees and keeps your teams fit and motivated.

What is an IQV?

An IQV is a network of several companies with the aim of jointly organizing and purchasing promising qualifications for employees. The AMS supports this with 100% subsidized advice on network development and common platform activities as well as attractive additional payments to the training costs for certain target groups who are disadvantaged on the labor market.

ÖSB Consulting is currently commissioned by the AMS in Carinthia and Upper Austria to carry out advice and network coordination. There are currently around 250 companies in ongoing qualification associations, which are ÖSB Consulting be implemented.

Our offer

  • Development and support of corporate networks, information and communication hub
  • Elaboration of a personnel development concept and education plan with each association member
  • Organization of platform activities and events on current and interesting topics
  • Networking with the AMS and support in funding processing
  • Finding and selection support of suitable and tailor-made training offers
  • Support with training organization and participant management
  • Inexpensive training purchases in the network


Mag.a Barbara Blossel
E: barbara.bloessel@oesb.at

Upper Austria

Marco Donner, MSc
E: marco.donner@oesb.at

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Upper Austria



The management consulting program FairPlusService is 100% financed by the European Social Fund from the investment priority gender equality, and by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economics. The focus is on the higher qualification and professional careers of employed women with low formal qualifications in companies in the so-called low-wage sectors such as retail, cleaning, gastronomy, care and education. The current shortage of workers and skilled workers in the professional groups and service sectors that are so relevant to Austria as a business location makes the program highly relevant and contains potential for solutions.

The innovative FairPlus consulting approach combines business consulting and business networking with female empowerment, training for employees and communication. This is how companies meet their need for competent employees and women take their professional development into their own hands. The achievements of companies and employees in the service industries become visible through public relations work. You experience recognition and appreciation. Companies present themselves as competent employers. Competent employers offer fair working conditions and career opportunities. You have advantages on the job market in the competition for dedicated and loyal employees.

Our offer

In four Austrian key regions, Arlberg region, Salzkammergut, Industrieviertel-Süd and Wien-Nord-Weinviertel, more than 60 companies receive individual advice, compact training units for women and career coaching for female employees. Employers and employees participating in the project are networked in peer-to-peer events and can present their successes in project communication to the public.

In the consultation, management consultants work together with company management, HR managers and employees to develop strategies and concrete procedures for the implementation of further training, higher qualifications and careers. Career coaches are available to the employed women.

By encouraging higher qualifications and professional careers, we contribute to equality between women and men with FairPlusService.

The advice and all services from the project are free of charge for companies and employees thanks to the funding from the ESF and BMAW.

FairPlusService will run from 2020-2023 ÖSB Consulting with the subcontractors ABZ * AUSTRIA , update training and ÖSB Social Inovation implemented.

Financed by


Gudrun Koban
Project Management
E: gudrun.koban@fairplusservice.at

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Impulsberatung für Betriebe

At IBB, companies get the chance to work on relevant HR issues and challenges of the company with the help of a competent team of consultants and to set impulses for the future.

Our offer

  • Implementation of an impulse check: professional assessment of the current situation and an overview of possible support offers in the form of AMS subsidies, identified impulse topics or specific measures
  • Measures of in-depth impulse-topic advice on six focal points:
    1. Securing jobs in the event of fluctuations in capacity
    2. Retain and attract staff
    3. in-company training
    4. age-appropriate work
    5. Equal opportunities between women and men
    6. Design of corporate diversity and integration of target groups in terms of labor market policy

    Impulsberatung für Betriebe is a free advice service that is offered throughout Austria by the working group ÖSB Consulting (Lead Partner) and Deloitte together with the subcontractors BAB Unternehmensberatung, Merlin and Ximes.


    100 percent equality pays off

    There are still significant income and career differences between women and men in the Austrian labor market. The consequence of this is that both the employment potential on the Austrian labor market and the potential of companies and their workforces remain partially untapped. However, the full use of this potential has enormous advantages - for employees, companies and Austria as a business location.

    Our offer

    The management consulting program 100 percent equality pays off is financed 100% by the European Social Fund and the Federal Ministry of Labor and is working on positioning the issue of equality as a labor market and operational necessity.

    In this consulting program, companies are supported professionally, confidentially and completely free of charge in developing transparent income processes and remuneration systems and fair career opportunities that promote equality. The implementation succeeds with the help of the proven specialists in the team. In addition, selected employees will find advice and coaching on career and career planning in the program. Furthermore, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to take part in events for companies and employees face to face or in a digital format throughout Austria, to network, to exchange views on the topic of equality and through specialist input from experts and to learn from each other.


    The aim of the consultation is to support companies in exploiting their full potential - both within the existing workforce and on the labor market.

    Transparency and fairness are signs of modern employers, companies use it to address future employees who have an above-average interest in development and innovation and thus use 100 percent of the talent pool.

    The consulting firms bab management consultancyDeloitteConsulting and ÖSB Consulting form the Austria-wide working group and are 100 percent responsible for the implementation of the project - equality pays off. 


    Mag.a Ulrike Losmann-Hartl, MSc

    E: ulrike.losmann-hartl@oesb.at